Student Tags - Adding in Bulk

The recommended method for managing student tags is that these would be added as needed throughout the lifecycle of a student record in Pathways, however every now and then you may need to add a tag in bulk to save opening each student individually.

One of the challenges of bulk adding information like tags is the method used to easily select the students to be included. To solve this we are using the Student Custom Lists feature - this allows us to create a specific filter or slice of the student database and then use that to know what students to add. Learn more by viewing the Student Custom Lists article.

Bulk Adding Tags to a Student Custom List

Once you have created your student custom list with the necessary filters (for example Year 10 students that are Active status) click the Bulk Add link at the top right. In this popup you can choose one of a few different bulk add actions including adding a Student Tag.

Use this one with care as it's much easier to add tags than to remove them from many student records.

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