Adding Us to Your Email Safe Senders List

Many Pathways customers work within large organisations with sophisticated anti-spam systems and measures that try to filter out the veritable mountain of junk emails incoming at all hours of the day.

Sometimes our Helpdesk emails can get caught in these systems if you are new to Pathways and don't have a history of communication with us. To help avoid this we highly recommend you add us to your Safe Senders or equivalent "Not Junk" feature within your email client. Most of the time this does the job - if not we may ask you to contact your system administrator or I.T. Support staff as we may need to be white listed at their server/admin level also.

Common Ways to Avoid Junk-Email Chaos:

  1. Add our email address to a new contact in your address book named "Activ8 Helpdesk"
  2. If you have found one of our emails in the Junk Email, flag it as "Not Junk" (Outlook provides this via right-clicking the email in question or details here.
  3. If you have found one of our emails in the Junk Email, drag it back to the inbox
  4. Outlook Users: Check your "Safe Senders" option in Outlook and make sure it adds people to you send to into the Safe Senders list automatically - instructions here
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