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There are two features in Pathways that were born to work together - courses and classes. Typically you would attach the one or more courses to a student record allowing you to  track what they are doing, with whom and when. Similarly, the classes feature allows you to create buckets of students that are not necessarily needing a placement, but more so just a custom list for you to keep organised. How these two relate is best explained with an example.

Example: TAFE at School Programs
A school may have students that are attending one or more TAFE at School programs and want an easy way to manage those students in one place. The students themselves would have their TAFE courses attached to their individual student records, however best practice would be to also create a class which would act as an easy way to group those students. The class could include students doing different courses, but as the class is effectively a clever bucket of students and their courses we can create a single view.

Creating The Class - "Students Only"

When creating a class, choose the "Students Only" Type. This indicates the class is not going to be strictly for management a student and their linked placement. This also prepares us for the course->class link as a "Students Only" class type activates the course link function.


Linking the Course

Once we have a class created, and the student has a course we wish to link to this class, we can start the linking process by clicking the Red "Link" item:


This will open a popup that shows you all the possible classes. 


Once you have selected a class you will see two things happen. The Class Code will appear in the Student's Course row, and the student will appear in the Class bucket showing you which course you linked.


How to Unlink?

If you have a need to remove a student from their class or unlink the course, click the class record in the student popup and an "Unlink Class" button is visible. Depending on if the class is still applicable to the student, you may also wish to check the "Student Classes" panel on the student's main details page and remove it from there also if appropriate.





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