SMS Credits and Pricing

Note: Are you looking for how to top up your SMS Credits?


What is an SMS Credit

  1. A single outbound SMS message which is considered "1" SMS by the carrier.
  2. A single inbound SMS message from a recipient that is received, added to the activity log as a reply and emailed to your email account

SMS Credits and Long SMS Messages

Carriers in Australia bill SMS messages traversing their networks by splitting the message into blocks of 160 characters and billing accordingly. When sending an SMS from Pathways, 1 x SMS Credit would be equivalent to a single 160 character SMS message. If the message was 250 characters, the carriers consider this 2 SMS messages, which equates to 2 SMS credits in Pathways.

Pricing Guide

SMS Credits are purchased in packs. The following pricing is valid from November 2016, however the latest pricing can always be found in the "Add Credit" window within Pathways.

200 Credits $30 + GST
500 Credits $75 + GST
1000 Credits $150 + GST



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