Send a Bulk Student SMS to a Custom List

Using the Student and Placement Custom List features of Pathways Cloud you can send an SMS to one or more Students in one run - also called a Bulk SMS. 

Examples of Bulk SMS's sent include:

  • Paperwork reminders
  • Upcoming placement starting reminders
  • 'Day One' placement notifications
  • Placement followup notifications

Sending a bulk SMS to a custom list is really quick and simple:

1) Create a student or placement custom list, or open an existing list

2) Click on the "Student SMS" tab above the list results

3) Tick the students you wish to be recipients

4) Type in a message or choose from one of the templates you may have previously created (common if you send similar messages regularly)

5) Send and Log!

After you send a message the following things also happen:

  1. Pathways will log that message to each students' Activity Log automatically
  2. As a bonus if a student replies to a text message, we automatically route their reply back to an email to you (to the Pathways user that sent the SMS). This covers the very common scenario where

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