Placement Lists

Viewing your placement pipeline is made easy by using a series of status levels or gates. A placement may work it's way through these status levels from Pending to Arranged to Complete and then Archived. Of course it may end up being Cancelled, Deleted or On-Hold also, but these listing screens give you one-click access.

Special Lists Beyond the Status Lists :

You may notice on the left a few extra items that don't necessarily relate to a placement status. These include the In Progress, Starting Soon, Ending Soon and Custom Lists. We have another helpdesk article about Custom Lists  however the remaining list are there to give you some extra handy views with one click:

Starting Soon & Ending Soon:

These screens are designed to give you a few options to see what placements you have in Pathways that are starting or ending soon. Notice at the top of the screen there are a few different time periods you can choose including This Week, Next Week, Next 30 Days and Next 60 Days. These screens are commonly used for coordinators to initiate end of placement or start of placement reminders and procedures. 

In Progress:

As the name suggests this shows you a list of placements that are currently in progress - ie. today's date is between the placement start and end dates and the status is "Arranged". A common question coordinators are asked is who is out on placement at the moment - this screens answers that question.

Quick Exports:

It's one thing to see the list on screen, but it's also great to be able to export this data to a useable excel file. Note the top right of every screen has an Export to Excel 

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