Host Dashboard

The Host Dashboard is the first screen you see when you click the HOSTS link at the top of the screen.

The goal of this screen is to provide a summary of birds-eye view information about your Host database, but to also give you a quick jump point to records you are likely to most commonly want to visit during the day.


This panel provides some of the key counts that give you an idea of the size of your Host database, and also some basics about it's recent growth. These numbers are also reflected you will notice on the main Pathways Home Page (if you click the Pathways logo at the top left). We typically encourage users to archive hosts that are no longer active as an ongoing process, as this makes browsing the host database far more relevant and useful as part of your vocational learning program.



Depending on your placement program you may have some host records that you are constantly visiting, and you wish to flag as "Favourites" to save you having to search for them or go to a Host list to locate their record. These are listed on both the Host Dashboard here, but also in the "My Favourites" link in the left navigation.


No huge surprises what this is! We track the recent records you have opened in Pathways so you can easily backtrack to a recently open Host. Statistically we find it very common for our customers to be working with a group of Hosts at a time, and having the recently viewed on the Host Dash just provides a more frictionless way to jump back in a time a little to a record you last worked on.



These graphs show two common birds-eye view visualisations that are commonly requested by customers. It's interesting to see how your hosts are broken down into industry areas, keeping in mind that a Host can appear in multiple slices of the pie as Pathways Cloud is designed to support Hosts that operate in multiple areas of study simultaneously (really common!) 



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