Host Industries

Long-term, one of the most useful pieces of information recorded against a Host is their one or more related Industries. 


Use this section of Pathways to quickly categorise your Host into the industries in which you think they will offer placements. For example as an I.T. Company we would offer opportunities in programming and software development, but also in other related areas including Business Services and Graphic Design. So it's VERY common for a Host record to have multiple industries linked.

A textured Host record with accurate industries also makes it very easy to browse your hosts on-screen in the future when you are on the hunt for a suitable host for a student, or when you need to generate a report of all active Hosts in a particular industry.


Keep in mind the industry list is yours to customise in the Setup screen to suit your location, but a few quick tips:

  • Keep the industry list high level - the industry isn't the vocation, which is a super specific description of a possible job role in the workplace; the industry is more a generic wrapper for related jobs. eg. "Information Technology" is an industry, however "Programmer" is a vocation. So you would want to attach "information Technology" to the Host
  • There is, of course, an exception to this rule, and that's construction. It's really common to have not just "Construction" as an industry, but given the various disciplines can be wildly different, you may have "Plumber", "Electrician" etc. as the industry values to choose and they are more relevant when browsing in the future.
  • Keep the list under 10 items if you can.... :)
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