Host Addresses & Map

The perfectly formed Host record in Pathways would have two addresses attached - the Postal Address and the Office Address. These two address types are used in different processes later in the placement workflow, and are vital for mail merging.

That said, a single Host record can have as many addresses linked as needed. A common example for this would be a construction company that has a head office, however multiple building sites where students are being formally hostd.

When adding a Host Address you have the option of three different types of Address:

  • Office - this is the office location typically where you contact is located
  • Postal - this is there mail correspondence is to be sent - often same as above
  • Site - used for multi-site hosts, commonly construction where there is another potential worksite where a student may be hosted, but it's not the head office or where your contacts may be located.

Host Address Map

Using Google Maps, we drop pins on a dynamic map of any Office or Site addresses you have entered against the host record. This allows you to quickly evaluate where the host is located without having to leave Pathways. The Expand View link above the map will, however, automatically Geocode the Host's address and open it in a new browser window in Google Maps if you need to do additional tasks such as seeing the map on a larger canvas or using Google's traffic and directions services.


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