Student Tags

A student profile may have one or more Student Tags linked during their time in Pathways, and tags themselves are often used as a type of coloured post-it note on a student file. Some example scenarios include:

  • Group the student in some way that's not suitable for using the classes module. For example "2016 Camp", or "2016 Award Nominee"
  • Attach a key piece of information to their profile such as a specific target group or student category that needs to be considered when assisting the student in your program, for example "Special Needs" or "Non-English Speaking Background" or "Student with Disabilities" or "Drivers Licence - Car".
  • Colour coding your tags and using them to indicate awards or key highlights of the student's journey through your program, for example "2016 Trainee Award Nominee"
  • Using tags to just slice and dice the database in some way that's not possible with the data in their profile - for example "2016 Matt's Students".


Your student tag options can be edited in the Pathways Setup screen, and included in this function is the ability to group your Student Tags into "Student Tag Categories". Each of these Tag Categories can have a colour indicated with the goal of making the tags easier to identify. A common colour and tag category would be to group students with disabilities, medical conditions or special needs into a more obvious colour so this critical information is quickly identified when viewing a student profile.


The two best ways to see lists of students where a tag has been added are the Browse by Tag screen and the Student Custom Lists function.

The Browse by Tag screen allows you to click a tag on the left and all students with that tag are listed on the right. You can then click on a student to open their profile, or export the list using the "Export to Excel" link at the top right of the screen. 

The Student Custom Lists function allows you to create a list of students using one or more filters. One of the available filters is the "Student Tag". For more details on Custom Lists be sure to visit the related Knowledge Base article.

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