Student Industries

When registering students it's recommend to record key details about their interests or placement requirements if they are involved in vocational learning or education programs. This may include their current courses being studied, a link to their class in Pathways if applicable, and also one or more Industry Preferences.

Within the student profile you can attached as many industries are required through the student's journey, and this industry list is the same as that used for the Host and Placement records to keep things uniform. We intentionally allow the attachment of more higher level industries and not the Placement vocation, as we believe the any additional texture and specifics of a student's vocational preference (as opposed to industry preference) is better served being recorded in the student notes or activity log where you aren't limited to the setup/drop-down list in Pathways. 

For example you may indicate "Information Technology" against Johnny Depp, however in the notes or activity log record the results of your conversation with Johnny which outlined he was interested in programming C#, DBA work with SQL Databases and mobile development in the Swift Language. 

Often when a student is attached to a Class in Pathways, that class itself determines the industry area or area of student - for example "2016 Construction VET" makes it clear what types of placements they are seeking. This is why we make the Industry Preferences in the student record optional, but recommended.




The two best ways to see lists of students where an industry has been added are the Browse by Industry screen and the Student Custom Lists function.

The Browse byIndustry screen allows you to click an industry on the left and all students with that industry are listed on the right. You can then click on a student to open their profile, or export the list using the "Export to Excel" link at the top right of the screen. 

The Student Custom Lists function allows you to create a list of students using one or more filters. One of the available filters is the "Student Industry". For more details on Custom Lists be sure to visit the related Knowledge Base article.




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