Student Activity Log

The student activity log is where you record notes, activities, actions, journal entries, case notes and counselling details within a student profile. It is a chronological list of events that includes records added by the coordinator directly as we as some automated entries made by Pathways, such as when SMS or Emails are sent from Pathways, or where mail merges are generated.

For each activity we include the following fields:

  • Date - this is automatic (but can adjusted) and defaults to today's date
  • Author - this is automatic and defaults to the logged in Pathways user
  • Type - generally Phone, Email, Visit or SMS are used here
  • Tags - it's REALLY popular to tag your activity log entries with easy to identify tags that are coloured. This makes scanning the activity log really efficient as you can look for the tag by colour recognition
  • Notes - where your creativity is stored!



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