Host Tags

We use tags to easily find and sort hosts, and these are based on a lookup list editable in the setup screen.  Pathways comes configured by default with some host tags that are often useful, however the setup screen allows you to tailor the list to suit your specific needs.

Each Host can have multiple tags attached to their profile, and it's not uncommon for a tag to have a specific year in it's name if it's the type of tag that may not always be relevant or is time sensitive. An example might be where you like to do a yearly worksite assessment. Whilst you would record the specifics of the assessment in the Host Activity Log, tagging is a really obvious and easy way to know at a glance that the assessment had been done that year. In this case you may add "2016 Work Site Assessed" as the tag. The one Host profile could accrue these over time if they were assessed each year.

Another common Host Tag is to indicate the host can support Special Needs students in their workplace.

If you want to add new host tags click on the plus button and enter the new host tag name.



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