Student Guardians & Parents

Pathways allows you to record one or more parent or guardian relationships against a student profile. The ability to record multiple relationships is important where a student is in Pathways over a period of time and there may be a change of living arrangement and as such the primary guardian or parent. 

If your program involves student placements, this guardian information is critical for the agreement/contract generation and related letters and documentation.


Often the guardian information is imported for you from a student registration form ( or a school database for you, and for each guardian record there are a detailed set of fields for you to record what is typically required. These details are often piped through to mail merges and contracts later on so be sure to record everything you think you will need later in your workflow. The Medicare Number field is more common for the New South Wales SPR document - and so far not needed in other contexts.

Note ticking the "Preferred" Parent/Guardian tick box will put a star against that Guardian and this is commonly used where there are multiple Guardian records for a student and you wish to indicate who the first point of contact is. 




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