Security & Logging In

Where to Log In

If you have found this help desk site chances are you already know where to log into Pathways :) The main entry point is the web address below - be sure to include the "s" in the "https" at the start as this ensures your connection to us is using encrypted traffic (SSL).


Who Manages Coordinator Logins?

These are managed via the help desk. As Pathways contains sensitive and personal data each person accessing the system must their own unique login name and password - a critical thing for ensuring compliance with the privacy and data protection laws and principles in Australia. Your personal login has an email address attached to it and this email address is also used for password recovery. If you need to add a new coordinator please log a job with us at so we can assist.


Forgetting Your Password

As your account is set up with your email address as part of the provisioning process, on the login screen you can use the Forgotten Password link. This function will email you a unique link to click and reset your password. To receive this email the email address on your account needs to be the same as that entered in the box. Keep an eye on  your junk email/spam mailbox also as password recovery emails often go to junk email (this type of email being a common phishing hack method).


What's the Account Lockout?

If you attempt to login in more than a handful of times with the wrong password our security will automatically lock your account for a period of time. This is an important security feature to stop people attempting to guess passwords with what's commonly called a dictionary attack. The lockout isn't very long, however if you need some help unlocking an account quickly log a job with us at and we will assist directly.



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