Open Multiple Screens with Browser Tabs

One of the power user secrets for web software like Pathways is that you can have multiple (many!) screens open running Pathways at the same time. As with any other web site, if you right-click a link and choose the "Open in New Tab" or equivalent it will open a new tab at the top with that link.

This is an enormously useful skill to make habit - it's common for our customers to have more than 5 tabs open at any given time with information in Students, Classes, Hosts and Placements all open at the same time.


In the Hosts module we have a "Browse by Industry" screen. Customers spend a lot of time in here as it allows you to browse through your Hosts with a few clicks. Often when you are hunting for a Host you want to open multiple hosts, but leave your current screen open. In this case you would just right-click the host name and open it in a new window like below.

Conceivably if you wanted to open a series of them your tab bar could look like this - with all the other pages loading in the background ready for you to check them out when ready.



Classes are the centre of the universe for most of our customers and they are constantly using it as a pick list of students or placements, as the class is often the mission control for placements being done, reports being generated or communication with the Host Employer or the Student. The 



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