Downloading files from Pathways

What Files Are Downloaded?

Initially you may wonder what files you would be downloading from Pathways, however in additional to mail merge documents to view or re-use files in Pathways you are actually downloading them from your account. Some examples include:

  • Mail Merge documents generated by Pathways
  • Files uploaded to the Employer, Placement, School or Student screens
  • Templates you use to configure Pathways in the Setup screen

How Are Downloads Handled?

When you generate a mail merge, click a file to download or any other file that might be contained within Pathways, we send this file directly to your browser like any other file you might download from a web site. One of the key reasons we recommend using Google Chrome as the browser of choice is the way it stacks the downloaded files across the bottom of the window.

For example you may be in a Host profile, and in the Files tab you have uploaded a number of key documents such as their induction manual and safety policy. You click each of these to download, and across the bottom of your browser you see the files queueing up and downloading ready for you to open, view or use in your workflow.

Downloading files is very quick as they are all stored locally.

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