Mail Merging or Exporting Custom Placement Lists

Once you have created your perfect custom list, you can do all sorts of things with it using the icons at the top right of the screen:

  • Mail Merge - allows you to bulk generate your mail merge documents for the placements you can see on the screen
  • Summary - allows you to print a traditional A4 Landscape style Pathways report - a bit of nostalgia from the reports from Pathways in the 1990's
  • Export - this is our favourite and allows you to generate a nicely formatting Microsoft Excel file with all the details from the placements.


Mail Merging Placement Custom Lists

This option will show you all the placement mail merges currently uploaded into Pathways. You will recognise these as they are the same ones you see when you are viewing an individual placement and click the "Mail Merges" tab to, say, generate a letter or agreement form. These are available for bulk merging from the placement custom list screen also. 


Summary Merging Placement Custom Lists

Like the above Mail Merges, the Summary function will mail merge to the MS-Word version of the old Summary templates (not so commonly used these days). These are the Landscape A4 style summaries with a single row of information for each placement.

Excel Exporting Placement Custom Lists

The most common and arguably useful way of working with your placement data in your own way, this export function will create an Excel Report and download it with all the currently visible placements. This is the best way to extract data for later analysis or reporting in our experience, as you can easily define the scope of what to include with the filters in the Placement Custom List itself, then filter or work with the data directly in familiar spreadsheet tools after downloaded.

When downloading you are provided with a few popup format choices that determine what the data looks like and how many columns are included from the underlying placement records.



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