Introduction to Classes

Classes are a very handy addition to Pathways Cloud. Whilst this module could be used for managing students and placements for a traditional school *Class*, you can use the Class module for any time you need to group a set of students or placements together to make management easy.

Common Class Uses:

  • A traditional class or cohort of students - eg. 11A
  • An entire year of students (eg. Year 10 Work Experience)
  • A group of VET Students across mutliple classes in one study area - eg. "Construction"
  • One teacher's VET Class - eg. "Bob's Hospitality Students 2014"

Why Use Classes?

  • You get a one-screen summary of everybody attached and their placements (no reports, searching or custom lists)
  • You can record activities against the class as a whole
  • You can BULK mail merge for an entire class (eg. generate all the parent letters for everybody attached to a class in one click)
  • One-Click export of the class list to give teachers/VET coordinators to keep them up to date on students and their placements.

Key Concepts:

  • A student can be in one or more classes 
  • Each placement can be linked to a class
  • A student can have more than one placement linked to them in their class
  • Classes are generally Open or Closed depending on whether you are working on them. At the end of the year you may wish to archive your closed classes to tidy up the list for the next year.

What do I name my Class?

Anything that makes sense to you :) The Class name is like a friendly name for the class and you can use any vernacular that works for you. We have a few suggestions that might make things easy down the track, however.

  • Put some time value in the name - eg. 2014, or 2014 Term 1 - it makes it easier later on to see when the class was in a general sense
  • Put the area of study, teacher or school in the name. Eg. 2014 Construction Kids. Or 2014 Bob Term 4 Placements

Attaching Students to a Class

When you enter a new student record into Pathways one of the main fields in that screen is the class. If the student is already in Pathways you can attach them to a class using the "Classes" panel on the right of the student details screen. 

There is another way to add a student to a class (we make it easy as it's really worth a few clicks! In the  Class details screen you can click the + (Plus) button at the top right and attached any student you like.


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