Student Custom Lists

Pathways includes a number of useful lists out of the box (Active Students, Without Placements etc.) however with custom lists you can roll your own, adding an entirely new dimension to how you see your student records. The days of having hundreds of baked in A4 reports are a distant memory, with dynamic on-screen lists and easy exporting taking their place.

Some early examples we have seen customers build:

- Active Students in the Construction Industry
- Female Students in Brisbane in the Hospitality Industry
- Active Students who haven’t completed an Induction (via the Induction tag)

Results are displayed on-screen *live* and you can export any list to a beautifully formatted excel file with a single click.

You can access the Student Custom List functionality by clicking the "Student Custom Lists" link on the left hand side of any student screen or the home page. The first thing you see will be a list of any existing custom lists you have created (or a few samples we included).

After clicking an existing custom list or creating a new one (the small + sign above the list) you will be presented with the preview screen. Adding and removing filters to your student custom list is dead simple - click the "Add Condition" button to further filter the list, or hover ovrer an existing condition and click it to remove. 

After adding or removing a condition the preview list will be automatically updated below so can see what's happening. Dont' forget you can export also using the Export link at the top right.

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