Web Browser Recommendation

We highly recommend Google Chrome for the best experience using Pathways. Whilst Pathways will work fine in other current browser versions (see below) we find Google Chrome provides a superior experience with Pathways for some key reasons:

  1. SPEED - Pathways uses HTML5 extensively for it's interface and Chrome is one of the fastest browsers for sites using this technology
  2. DOWNLOADS - When you create a mail merge document in Pathways it automatically downloads in the browser. In Google Chrome, downloaded files park themselves across the bottom of the screen. This is by far the most usable download tray and allows you to easily download multiple mail merges and stack them across the bottom of your browser, then open with one click.
  3. SUPPORT - Google Chrome has bugs every now and then, but Google are very aggressive with their update schedule and the bugs rarely hang around very long. It's been more than 2 years since we saw a Google Chrome bug that could effect using Pathways (and even then it was a rare edge case that didn't effect functionality)
  4. ACCOUNT - Do I need a GMAIL or Google Account to use Chrome? No - in fact we recommend using Chrome without logging into their accounts :)

You can download Chrome at: http://www.google.com/chrome

What if I have an Apple Mac?

Well lucky you - on MacOS you have the choice of running Google Chrome or Safari as a browser. Safari is an excellent browser if you are using a Mac and for some operations in Pathways, it's actually faster. What swings us for day to day use, however, is the way Chrome handles it's downloads. If you are generating mail merges, nothing beats having them stack across the bottom for speed and ease of use.


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