Host Contacts and Supervisors

A Host Employer record can have one or more Host Contacts or People attached depending  on the size of the host and nature of your engagement with them.

For example a sole-trader Plumber in Byron Bay may have a single contact point (Bob the Plumber), however down the road the local accounting firm that takes Business Services students may have one contact who signs the placement agreement, but 3 other contacts who are the supervisors of the students depending on the time of year or type of placement.

Details entered against the host in the contacts database are automatically linked to placements created, and as a result these details ultimately end up in the automated document production and mail merging. When. You create a placement rather than having to enter the contact details again you simply select from the contacts at the host ensuring not only a fast process, but one free of potential data entry error.

An example of where a Host Contact may end up includes in complex placement records and agreements, on a certificate or a letter you are sending to the Host to confirm an upcoming placement. We HIGHLY recommend you enter the mobile phone and email address for each Host Contact record, as this enables you to use the bulk SMS and email functions of Pathways later in your workflow.

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