Introduction to Hosts

Strong connections to local host employers are one of the foundations of a successful vocational learning and placement program. If your program involves placing students in industry, we would expect you will spend a great deal of quality time within the Hosts module of Pathways growing these industry links, documenting opportunities and ensuring a detailed and textured picture of your hosts is captured.

A quality host database is one of the easiest ways to make the placement process and all it's related workflows as easy as possible. The Pathways Host module is based on best practice in the vocational learning sector and, even more so than the student module, if you invest time in ensuring your Host records are detailed, you will make so many other processes run smoothly down the track.

Host records contain a raft of options and it's up to you to determine how detailed your records ultimately are, however here is a simple example of "cause & effect" and why each section may be useful to you in the future:


Why  Host Industry Groups Are Important


  • Browse your hosts by industry on-screen to find suitable opportunities for students - no reports, lists, exports - just browse
  • Browse your hosts by industry on a Google Map where each host has a pin dropped on the map so you can find options for students that are within their transport capabilities. 
  • Generate a list of hosts in a specific industry group for a VET class and ask them to choose their top 3 so you can approach them first for future placements.
  • Get a birds eye view of what the industry breakdown and distribution is for your program so you can identity, for example, if there are any industries where you need to focus more effort to grow the database for the future.


Why Host Contacts Are Important

  • Automatically link the contact and supervisor (if different) to the placement so when you create a placement you just tick the people needed
  • Generate mailing lists to host contacts for Christmas Card lists, industry nights, appeals for support if you are low on opportunities for upcoming placements
  • Generate certificates at the end of the year for contacts
  • Automatically merge contact details into Work Experience or Placement agreements, letters, forms or other mail merge templates.


Why Office & Postal Addresses Are Important

  • Automatically link the address to any new placements created
  • Mail merge the CORRECT address to forms - some require postal address and some require worksite locations
  • Where a host has multiple worksite locations (construction etc.) record the correct location of the student to meet legislative requirements, rather than recording the head office on agreements, letters and documents when the student is not going to be at that location.


Investing in your Host database greatly improves the efficiency and effectiveness of your program.



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