Host Lists (Active, Archived, Recently Viewed, Favourites)

These screens all provide quick access to filtered views of the Host Database. Whilst it's more common to explore your hosts using the Host Browsing screens or use the search tool (top right of the screen), these listing screens provide some of the basics you may need.

  • Active Hosts - A-Z list of the hosts in your database flagged as Active status. Where a host has multiple industry groups these are included.
  • Archived Hosts - A-Z list of hosts in your database flagged as Archived status including the Archive reason so you can quickly see why a Host may have been moved to Archived.
  • Recently Added - List of hosts with recent registration dates
  • My Favourites - List of hosts linked to your own account flagged as favourites.

To open a host profile you can click their name in the list. 


Exporting Lists

At the top right of the screen we have two export options:

  • Export Host Contacts - this exports all the hosts displayed on screen and creates a line "per host contact", so if a Host has multiple people linked they will be listed individually.
  • Export Hosts - this exports just the parent Host record displayed on screen.


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