Student Core Details

These fields form the basis of your student record and are often imported from a student registration form ( or school database. Included in what we term "Core" details are the base student details, management details and school/provider details in the Pathways Student Profile as highlighted below.


These are the basic contact details needed to set up a student profile and include key personal information needed for much of what will be doing in Pathways. Apart from the normal name/phone/birthdate/email you would expect there are two fields that might need some explanation as to their use:

  • Mailing Title - this is an optional field and is used by some customers where they wish to not address letters to a single guardian or parent, even though that's all that is recorded in the student record. For example "Mr and Mrs Depp"
  • Emergency Contact - in some states of Australia the placement agreement forms ask for you to indicate an emergency contact that may or may not be the same as the Parent/Guardian. This field is a normal text field and there is a function to automatically copy in the linked guardian details if applicable.
  • Medical Notes - this field is where you need to record important medical details about the student relevant to your program. This information will appear in RED text on the student profile once entered.




In addition to the school or provider name other details of their enrolment are included in this panel including some very important numbers you may wish to record:

  • USI Number
  • LUI Number (QLD)
  • White Card Number
  • Blue Card Number
  • School ID Number (issued by the school)



These are the basic nuts and bolts for the record and you will rarely need to edit these.

  • Status - typically Active until the student leaves your program
  • Office - this is more common where you are operating in a cluster of schools and have multiple sites - in most cases this will just be "School Campus"
  • Coordinator - defaults to the Pathways user that entered the record, but can be changed if you are wanting to attach a different coordinator or user to a student.
  • Registration Date - automatic - the date the record was created.






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