Bulk Emailing from a Class

Using the Classes feature of Pathways Cloud you can send an email to one or more Students, guardians, parent, host contacts or host supervisor in one run - also called a Bulk email.

Examples of Bulk Emails sent include:

  • Host followup survey links
  • Host placement confirmations
  • Host placement postcards
  • Host placement reminders
  • Student placement confirmations
  • Student placement postcards

Sending a bulk email to a class is really quick and simple:

1) Find the class in question

2) Click on the "Email" tab within the Class Detail screen

3) Select who you wish to contact student, guardian / parent, host contact or host supervisor

4) Select a template to send via email from the drop down list or choose "Send Without a Template" to compose an email before sending

4) Tick the contacts you wish to be recipients or select all by clicking the tic box at the top of the list

5) If you choose to "Send Without a Template" compose your email

6) Send and Log!

After you send a message the following things also happen:

  1. Pathways will log that message to each students' Activity Log automatically
  2. Pathways will make a note in the Class Activity log that a message was sent. 




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