Upgrading to Pathways from Version 6, 7, 8, 9

If you are reading this chances are you are planning to upgrade to the next generation of Pathways. That's great and thanks for your ongoing support.

The process of upgrading to the new Pathways involves 3 main steps:

  1. Your send us some files to assist in setting up the account and importing some data to save setup time.
  2. We set up your new Pathways account and import your data ready for you to log in (remember there is nothing to install any more)
  3. We teletrain you on the new system to smooth the transition and introduce you to the new features available (important!)

During the migration we will upload your previous Student/Host/Employer data and any briefcase and mail merge documents. 

To get the ball rolling:

  1. Timing: Drop us an email to look at good dates to plan your migration. Choose a quiet time for your workload so you have a minimum of downtime.
  2. Data Import: Email us your Pathways Data File, zipped, so we can import your existing data, to help@activ8.com.au. This file is named PathData9.mdb and is typically located on your network, or in the Pathways9 folder on your hard drive. If you can't find this file, open Pathways and from the home screen click the "Change" icon at the bottom left - this will show you where your data sits.
  3. Word Templates: Email us any letters or documents you currently mail merge or wish to mail merge. We will set these up for you in Pathways Cloud. These are likely called "Briefcase" documents in your current Pathways if you use this feature - send those. We can easily add others later but we like to import as much as possible at the start.
  4. Accounting/Paperwork: If you haven't already, renew your support plan here for the year for the number of users you need. With the new version you can increase your user count without purchasing additional licences. Upgrading waives the setup cost also.
  5. Users: Let us know the people that will be using Pathways so their login accounts can be set up. Email us their name and email address. Note: These should be individuals - as Pathways included sensitive information we can't create generic or shared  login accounts.

Once we have the above items we will contact you and get everything up and running - this normally takes a few days. Once ready we will lock in some teletraining dates where you can view our screen and we can give you the heads up on all the great new features.

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