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An important process common to many Pathways customers is managing workplace visits by teachers to check on student progress. Workplace visits are often allocated based on the industry area and geographic location of the host - something that's not always easy depending on transport corridors and where the placements are distributed on the map.

The Class Visit Planner simplifies this process by providing all the information needed for allocation on a single screen, for all placements linked to a class. 

From the one screen you can:

  1. See a list of actual worksite locations
  2. View each workplace location on a popup Google Map directly from the list
  3. Change the "Inspecting Teacher" allocated to each placement with one click
  4. View allocations for a specific teacher
  5. View a Teacher "Visit Run Sheet" that includes all the maps and key placement details - ready for printing or PDF.


The Visit Planner Tool

From any class that involves placements, the Visit Planner tab is visible. You can filter the list by a specific teacher, or for specific placement status levels (eg you may not want to include Pending or Cancelled).



Popup Map View

Clicking the map icon will show the worksite address in a popup Google Map



Popup Teacher Allocation

Allocate a teacher to the placement directly from this screen



Visit Run Sheet View for Printing or PDF

From the action button (...) at the top right of the screen you can export a list of visits for one or more teachers to Excel format, or view the Visit Run Sheet which includes key details + a Google Map (super handy!)


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