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Before creating a Host Custom List, the 3 most commonly visited screens for finding a host are often the Browse by Industry, Browse by Suburb and Browse on Map options.

Creating a host custom list is terrific if you already have specific search in mind, but it’s a few more clicks than ideal if you just want to throw a bunch of filters at the Host database and see what comes out. 

The Host Explorer brings these together:

  • One View & Fast: A single screen for Host filters and results
  • Multiple Filters: Attach multiple values to any field - eg. “Construction” or “Business Services” in the same search
  • Tag AND/OR: Indicate how to apply your Host Tags filters. Eg. show hosts that have the tags “Region: South” and “Workplace Assessed 2018”
  • Exports: Export the Host records, or their linked contacts
  • Save as Host Custom List: Once you build your perfect list you can save it as a Host Custom List directly from the Explorer - the best of both worlds.
  • Bulk Activities: Add a new Host Activity for all the matching hosts listed directly from the Host Explorer (eg. a mailout, event or note)


Host Filters - Multiple per Field


Host Tag Filtering including AND/OR


Host Explorer Exports to Excel for Host and Contact Records


Automated Host Custom List - Save Your Filters to a New List


Bulk Host Activities - Add an activity to all matching Hosts


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