Cancelling a Placement

There are many scenarios where a placement or opportunity has been created in Pathways but fails to proceed. Rather than deleting, archiving or re-purposing these placements we recommend you update their status to "Cancelled", and enter a few key details about why the cancellation occurred.

We include the following fields when cancelling a placement:

  • Date of cancellation
  • Which Pathways user cancelled the placement
  • A cancellation reason which is based on a list of reasons which can be maintained in the Pathways Setup
  • Cancellation notes

When looking back at past placements and activities, cancellations are an important and key indicator as they can identify patterns such as:

  • Unreliable hosts, or hosts that need to be engaged in a different way for best support
  • Operational or communication issues within your organisation
  • Schools or teachers that may need more assistance - the symptom being higher than normal cancellations

Pathways captures these cancellation details automatically when you change a placement record to Cancelled status:




After the details are recorded a "Cancellation Details" panel appears on the left where you can view and edit these details if needed.


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